Teresa Stark

Wilmington, NC

I just wanted to let everyone know what a difference Jeannie’s introduction to Pilates has made in my life. Last March Jeannie came to the Adult Rider Clinic at the Carolina Horse Park to give us an introduction to Pilates. I was recovering from a January 2009 accident off a three year old horse that resulted in six broken ribs, a collapsed left lung and a spleen rupture.

After the clinic with Jeannie, I began in Pilates in Wilmington with a local Pilates studio. I am so grateful that at 48 I am stronger and more fit than ever in my life. An added bonus is that my dressage scores are at 29 for the first time in eventing! I am fluid enough to quit blocking my horse and letting him do his thing! I am hunting first field and staying until the bitter end each time. No small task riding with Cameron!

Thank you, Jeannie, for your kindness and sharing your passion!
I am a devoted student for life.

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