Sarah Chastain

Mil Valley, CA
I was introduced to Pilates about 10 years ago, by my mom, Jeannie. I always enjoyed it and felt great using the equipment and learning new techniques. I occasionally took classes and did the exercises, but was fairly inconsistent until a near fatal accident changed my life dramatically.

On 12/5/2007, I was struck by a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk in the San Francisco Bay area. I was left with critical injuries including a broken pelvis, head trauma, internal bleeding, and a knee that required multiple surgeries and a full reconstruction. After 12 days in the hospital and the ICU, I was released and in need of 24 hour care.

I was in a wheelchair and couldn’t even flip myself over in bed. We began basic Pilates principles of engaging core muscles, breathing exercises, and stabilizing my broken pelvis. My mom and personal Pilates instructor worked diligently and patiently with me as we began to slowly progress with each day. Every day I gained confidence, strength, and stability.

Three weeks later, we followed up with my surgeon, and he was absolutely amazed at my progress. He also became a true believer in STOTT Pilates principles after injuries and post-surgery.

I returned to Southern Pines, NC to complete my rehabilitation with family and friends. I underwent my second knee surgery. Based upon my surgeon’s recommendation, I was doing Pilates again within 24 hours of the surgery. I worked with Jeannie at the studio for several hours each day and I progressed from a wheelchair, to a walker, to crutches, and then I was finally walking 8 weeks later!

It was the most difficult, yet most rewarding time of my life. I have never felt such an extreme sense of achievement as I did when I gradually made strides to walk again using the principles of Pilates. We used the Cadillac, and Reformer to provide light resistance to strengthen and rebuild the muscles in my leg that were severed during the first surgery.

Near the end of my rehabilitation in Southern Pines, I was doing Pilates movements that many of Jeannie’s students were still working hard to achieve. I felt great, and my body looked even better. I returned to San Francisco after 3 months of intensive therapy in NC. I was able to return to work and my lifestyle, and I even completed a 12K (walking) 2 months later!

I highly recommend Jeannie and Mind Your Body Pilates Studio for rehabilitation after any major injury. I wish I could find someone here in San Francisco that has the qualifications, patience, and experience that Jeannie has. She truly took me, my injured body, and my personal mindset to another level.

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