Robert Costello

Professional 3-Day Event Rider

I have been actively training with Jeannie for over seven years. From the very beginning, I have benefited from complete body awareness and improved flexibility. It has strengthened and improved my position in all the different facets of my riding and competing and daily life.

It truly is hard to imagine not doing Pilates. I find Jeannie’s knowledge about and dedication to STOTT Pilates very impressive. Pilates has been fun and rewarding.

Working with Jeannie has been a super positive experience. She has helped me achieve improved core strength, flexibility and over-all body awareness. As a result, my position on my horses has improved dramatically. Pilates has also kept me virtually injury free for years – thanks to an overall fit, strong and in-tuned body.

  • Professional Equestrian Three Day Event Rider
  • Represented the US at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games – 8th place
  • Represented the US at the 2003 Pan Am Games – Gold Medal
  • Top placings at major Three and Four Star (highest levels) competitions in England, Australia and the US
  • Coach of other top Four Star competitors, and also teaches ambitious Young Riders and Adult Amateurs
  • Level IV (highest) Instructor Certification for Eventing

ROC Equestrian
Off-site sessions avail. Rider/trainer collaboration improve balance and alignment challenges.

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