J. Whalen

Ret. Navy/Mountain Biker

There is nothing in my fitness routine today which is more important and useful than Jeannie’s instruction in Pilates.

I grew up playing competitive sports in school such as baseball, volleyball, and soccer. I continued competing in volleyball in the military as much as possible, but found I had developed chronic shoulder, back, and knee injuries associated with military life and sports. After retiring from the military, I started mountain biking and  have had additional injuries associated with the sport, specifically knees, shoulder and spinal issues. I assumed my passion for sports would rapidly diminish with the pain.  In the spring of 2008 Jeannie Carpentier of Mind Your Body Pilates introduced me to Pilates and I immediately applied the new principles. Like many guys comfortable in the traditional gym setting, I was initially reluctant. I found her style both fun, yet necessary to put me on the path to recovery. Also, I feel I was being physically challenged by Jeannie constantly. Based on her impressive technical knowledge and training philosophy she instills pride in your fitness level and refuses to let you go unchallenged. My progress was rapid and after less than a year I’ve noticed my cycling performance significantly improved and look forward to competing again and playing volleyball this spring. I’ve noticed my cycling recovery times are minimal, my core is so much stronger, flexibility has increased greatly, and I can see my 6 pack again!

Jeannie’s mat classes are also fun and challenging for every level. I travel and bring the mat training philosophy with me wherever I go. I recommend it to everyone. Her workouts leave you motivated and worry free no matter what your activity.

Jeannie has an extensive background in fitness, nutrition, and has cracked the code on balancing life and it’s reflected in her passion to push her clients to new limits. Her commitment to Pilates, her clients, and the community is evident. There’s both a physical and psychological connection here, “She walks the walk.”

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