Gabby Studenmund


My fitness routine now includes Pilates with Jeannie three times a week and I love it. In fact, I’ve been around the fitness block as the former fitness editor of SELF magazine where I had to test every new and/or tried and true method of working out that a reader would have experienced. total rehabilitation I crashed while cycling as I trained for a half-Ironman in 2002, suffering with a severe brain injury and shattered left elbow. I relocated from Manhattan to Southern Pines to rehabilitate, and I needed a new method of working out that would take into account my injuries and weaknesses, as well as increasing strength.  I luckily found Jeannie and Mind Your Body Pilates studio. Her attention to detail and Pilates knowledge offers me modifications where I need help.  I have found a great way to keep fit. Plus, this new method of thinking about and paying attention to my body’s movements, while making my core stronger helps my brain continue to heal.

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