Cathy Maready

Everything about Mind Your Body Pilates and its founder, Jeannie Carpentier, have been phenomenal and life changing. After years of back aches and sciatica, I walked through the door of this pilates studio and began a transformation of an aging body to one of strength, nimbleness and freedom from pain. Jeannie’s exceptional knowledge of the human body and skeletal form is mind boggling and after 2 years it still amazes me how she finds subtle nuances of my form that make such a huge difference in my life. Alisa Meier joined the studio as an instructor about the same time and I began taking classes from her as well. She is a world class tennis star, runner and all around impressive athlete who has trained with the best of the best. Since this pilates transformation, I have taken classes all over the country and even internationally, and there is no better instruction that these two amazing and talented instructors. With both of these minds who care so much about each of their students, you cannot help but to become a better you!