When I say that starting to do Pilates with the staff at Mind Your Body Pilates has been life-altering I do not say this lightly. In the months that I have been working at MYB my strength, balance, and flexibility has improved immensely! I came to Jeannie and her assistant instructors, Alisa Meier and Anne DeKeyser, in extreme physical discomfort, if not pain….all over. I have (had) chronic lower back and neck pain. I felt as if my body had rusted solid. I felt old.
I have ridden horses my whole life– and much of it as a professional. I have competed in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping at the FEI/International Levels. So I understand the need for body awareness and control. I am now “a women of a certain age” and due to life’s twists have reduced the amount of riding I do on a daily basis. With that reduction in activity all the unevenness, and weaknesses I’d been able to overcome by muscling through showed up.
My focus now is Dressage — as a rider and instructor. No one is more aware than I how a crooked, stiff body affects the horse’s performance. Thanks to my work with Jeannie, Alisa, and Anne I am learning to use my body in a more effective manner in all of my daily activities. I am mostly pain free and I find myself being increasingly active because it’s becoming easier to move.
During classes everything moves at the pace that is appropriate for each person. All injuries are taken into account and modifications for all the exercises are possible. The staff continually amazes me with their knowledge of the human body and their creativity in customizing exercises to meet everyone’s particular needs. MYB is a “judgment-free zone” so no matter how much I struggle with an exercise I know that my efforts are appreciated and encouraged.
I cannot say enough good things about this process. I have a ways to go and I am really enjoying the journey. I feel better than I have in years!