For any of us, there are hopefully not too many individuals we can credit with saving our lives. It is no exaggeration that I can credit Jeannie Carpentier of Mind Your Body Pilates Studio with sav... (read more...)


My fitness routine now includes Pilates with Jeannie three times a week and I love it. In fact, I’ve been around the fitness block as the former fitness editor of SELF magazine wher... (read more...)

Mil Valley, CA
I was introduced to Pilates about 10 years ago, by my mom, Jeannie. I always enjoyed it and felt great using the equipment and learning new tech... (read more...)

Professional 3-Day Event Rider

I have been actively training with Jeannie for over seven years. From the very beginning, I have benefited from complete body ... (read more...)

Nurse/Former Figure Skater

I am a 32 year old nurse and former competitive figure skater and instructor. I began taking Pilates from Jeannie because of bilat... (read more...)

Professional 3-Day Event Rider

Pilates has done amazing things for my competitive career as well as my personal. I feel ready for anything!

JeannieR... (read more...)

Ret. Navy/Mountain Biker

There is nothing in my fitness routine today which is more important and useful than Jeannie’s instruction in Pilates.

I... (read more...)

Wilmington, NC

I just wanted to let everyone know what a difference Jeannie’s introduction to Pilates has made in my life. Last March Jeannie came to t... (read more...)

Everything about Mind Your Body Pilates and its founder, Jeannie Carpentier, have been phenomenal and life changing. After years of back aches and sciatica, I walked through the door of this pilate... (read more...)

When I say that starting to do Pilates with the staff at Mind Your Body Pilates has been life-altering I do not say this lightly. In the months that I have been working at MYB my strength, balance,... (read more...)