Re-new, re-hab, re-energize……

mercuryWith Mercury in retrograde for a few weeks,  the universe could rock our world!   It is a three week period  where Mercury appears to be in a backward motion. During this time we can experience adverse affects, such as memory loss, loss of time (clocks change too), loss of items, technology issues and a lot of confusion and communication breakdowns.

We get an opportunity to put a positive spin on it.  It is the best time to re-do things. You get a second chance to do things right,  to re-start a project.  Think of words with a “re” in front of them and apply. Review your schedule, revisit your work out plan, reenergize your body, reduce your weight with healthful local eating.

Recall your intention(New Years resolution?) to start Pilates at MYB.

We will restart your regimine to reverse the signs of aging.

Enjoy the stars tonight and soak it up while reflecting. The rooftop is a great place to enjoy the sky and workout.

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