Let the Games Begin……

The emotion has been building  for the Games to begin.  I have many memories of sheer emotion as the world is momentarily coming together in peace and fair play.

I am grateful and a lucky one to watch  select groups of fearless athletes show their honed bodies and perfected skills capable of astonishing feats.  It is  a display of such remarkable focus and commitment. It hardly seems possible to have that level of excellence and constant drive for perfection,   I exhaust myself as i watch  the Olympics on the edge of my seat, catching myself holding a breath. The Games encourage me in so many ways.  I feel the magic and wonder….what if? Or an even bigger question……which sport?

Surely,  I am not alone in having that dream. I have always been a more diverse athlete than a pro. I call it “a well rounded” athlete. The competitive nature has waned after realizing “playing” was my goal.

Years ago, I met my dear friend Will Faudree and introduced him to Pilates.  Tiana Coudray was also a temporary student as she competed locally. I feel proud to hear bits and pieces of the line-up of the US Eventing Team. I get goose bumps thinking of Will Faudree and Tiana Coudray preparing for the weekend . I wish we could physically all be there for local support. Although, they are far too immersed in reality to  notice anything outside the zone.   Jeannie -MYB Pilates is honored to have had an  opportunity to instruct these athletes endowed with the right combination of genes and guts.  I dream of traveling with a Team as their personal Pilates/body coach.  I would assist in coaxing  through diet and exercise for loftier heights.    It’s tough for any equestrian (they are not alone) to sit still long enough to routinely practice anything besides their three disciplines.   Time and injuries leads most people (athletes) to my MYB Pilates door.

I can appreciate all the valuable pieces to the puzzle, numerous roles required and unselfish support $ystem.  Aiding the Olympians to reach the level of a superhuman. Let alone the enormous amount of time commitment.  They inhabit these machine like bodies with such grace.

Cheers to all and connect with the the Olympic excitement!  I also applaud those who are proactive and incorporate Pilates in all they do!

I relax on the peaceful and unassuming St. Lawrence River looking across to Canada, as I delight in daydreaming of what it feels like around the Olympic Village (before=tense-after= crazy party!!!).  Are you a happy spectator or proud athete?- I am both- and Pilates has helped me find my balance.

I have weighed it out (for me) The necessary practice schedule of a pro vs. play. (fun, outdoors, family, friends, food, fishing, my tent, bike and dog along with a well equipped gear bag)  you already know the answer……

Each and every one of us has a story attached to our memories surrounding the Olympic Games.  Let the Games begin!



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