Jeannie Carpentier, Owner/Lead instructor

Jeannie has been an athlete all of her life. Her passion for sports, nutrition and the outdoors is apparent when meeting her. Jeannie danced classical ballet, was a competitive gymnast and soccer player, rode horses and participates in many other sports. She has also taught gymnastics, ski conditioning, spinning classes, etc.

Jeannie’s knowledge and sports experience significantly increases her ability to assist clients/athletes with their physical challenges. Her previous weight training had created chronic shoulder and neck pain. Jeannie discovered the Pilates method after searching for a more “intelligent” form of exercise than the gym setting. In six short weeks of Pilates the pain remarkably subsided.

Jeannie pursued her second career with the STOTT Pilates method. The STOTT method is the premier method focusing on kinesiology and the Sports Medicine background that Jeannie craved. Her education has been completed across the U.S (CPR & AED certified.) Jeannie maintains the integrity of the Pilates method – you deserve to be well advised.

Jeannie owns/operates a boutique studio in the beautiful setting of downtown Southern Pines, NC for over suxteen years.  Jeannie has been fortunate enough to stay closely connected to the equestrian community to train them in the studio, as well as collaborate in the ring and through all types of off and on-site workshops. It’s so exciting to watch her friends compete at Olympic levels. She also has taught Pilates in the Northwest and other beautiful locations.Her students range from total rehabilitation to professional athletes. Her extensive clientele keeps her instruction fresh and rewarding for all. Jeannie’s enthusiasm towards expanding her clients’ health and physical possibilities adds to the training experience. Jeannie believes Pilates to be a meaningful and worthy way to help others enrich their health. Jeannie does a fabulous job nudging and encouraging new clients to start their core challenge, as well as mentoring other instructors.

Her dedication and passion to help others is paramount. Jeannie has been very involved in her community and was an advisor for the Long Range Planning Committee, UDO, Appearance Commission and several other Committees for the Town of Southern Pines, NC. She volunteers to give back to her community that is unique and special. Her greatest gift is the opportunity to encourage and assist in the well being and health of others around Town.

Jeannie raised two daughters here in Southern Pines after moving from the West. She paddles or hikes with her adopted Weimaraner almost daily. Her preferred mode of transportation is one of her bikes. Jeannie is a “locavore” enjoying the riches of the local farmers and sharing gourmet meals she prepares with friends, clients the MYB Team.