Mind Your Body Pilates has another new training tool! An Indo Board…..used for balance and lateral stength.  It is very challenging!   Surfers, snow boarders, kite boarders are among some who use it to perfect their form.  It is also provides great training for those that always track in a forward – back motion – i.e. cycling, running, swimming.  The addition of lateral strength to your repetoire aids in hip mobility and strength, lengthens IT band (outside thigh) tightness, provides ankle mobility and strength, etc.  I find it works so many tiny, deep muscles in the lower body in the essential movements.  The challenge continues as you add unilateral movements and flex bands or light weights.  The upper body also plays a role as you are required to use your core for stability.  It really drives the point home!  I brought it to a July 4th gathering for fun – it was a hit as you can see.  Come challenge yourself and your balance at Mind Your Body Pilates.

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