I cannot express how amazing my recent training session was.  I  attend several a year – I head West, where I believe much of the latest, greatest technique is started, perfected and shared.  I had the pleasure of AERIAL FITNESS. This form of exercise is so broad – it encompasses body needs from rehabilitation to Circque D’Soleil.  I was immediately hooked.  My instructor was a gem and a lovely spirit.  We enjoyed the next four hours flipping, gliding and working every muscle in my body in holds that felt like my days in gymnastics and the fun of monkey bars.  The equipment standard



resembled my climbing gear (daisy chains, carabiners).  This training was a gift to me after instructing so many other bodies – a time to tend to my own. I  truly feel inspired to bring the new technique back to my clients.

Here is a taste of what is ahead for the studio….


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