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Mind Your Body Pilates, llc began in Southern Pines 16+ years ago.

 Jeannie Carpentier,  lead instructor has many years of Pilates experience and is always adding to her education across the nation. She has a gift to “see through” your body to identify strategies for performance and start the process to heal injuries. The amazing athletes and clients that grace the studio is a gift we treat with care and respect. The MYB team will provide expert classical and contemporary instruction in a beautiful setting.


Your CORE Journey Starts Here
You might first ask – what is Pilates?
Pilates (pronounced /pi’la:ti:z/) is an ideal form of intelligent exercise offering complete body conditioning that focuses on strengthening the deep support/core muscles and balancing all muscle groups around the joints of the entire body while striving for proper spinal line-up. It is an integral key to proper rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Progression of the exercises promotes and challenges strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. The benefits are endless… longer & leaner muscle, better posture, reduces stress, more mobility, less pain, losing baby weight…and SO many more.
Everyone benefits from Pilates. It should be combined/integrated with your riding, weight training, running, biking, tennis, skiing, triathlons or whatever activity in which you participate. A stronger core helps all of us – from teenagers needing to improve body awareness – to pro athletes wanting to increase performance and for those who suffer from chronic back/joint pain. Added balance, control and strength gives you a competitive edge! MYB is interested in “healthy and strong conditioning”, not trying to become super model skinny which may deplete your strength. Joseph Pilates was a brilliant boxer/gymnast who trained Military heros.
Our men LOVE the humbling challenge of Pilates!
pilates reformer exercisesJoseph Pilates created “The Pilates Principles” to condition one’s body through:
  • Proper breathing
  • Pelvic placement in neutral
  • Rib cage placement
  • Scapular movement and stability
  • Head & cervical spine placement
Believing that mental and physical health are integral to each other, Joseph Pilates developed his system of exercise to rehabilitate injured WWI soldiers by strengthening, stabilizing and stretching key deep muscles with emphasis on control and form. It was well received by the NY professional dancers when Joseph immigrated from Germany and has become an integral part in all athletic performance training. You will be very well advised in MYB studio – The team maintain the integrity of the Pilates method, while keeping it “fresh”, safe and in a clean, hip studio environment.